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Desktop Computing Support


Base One worked directly with the Citibank's internal IT staff to install and configure all Desktop systems, and to train the support staff, and deploy the solution to the end users. The Base One primary system was installed and configured within the first three days and initial desktop builds started by the end of the first week.


Base One provided documentation for end users so they would better understand the benefits, and responsibilities of the IT department. A meeting was held with the test group, including management representatives and Base One, which resulted in the first pass at creating service level agreements to meet end users expectations and that were achievable by the IT department.


In less than six weeks, Base One deployed over 1100 computers and trained all end users. Each computer was built in the lab, tested with a user logon and then deployed to the final end user's desk.


Widespread deployment required a planned and published rollout schedule that would encompass end user vacations, business meetings and normal business activities. The overall plan included hour end user review sessions to cover the creation of user accounts including mail services, review network data storage and review the application profile for the new desktops. While end users attended the training, support technicians either replaced the old computers with new Base One managed computers, or migrated existing computers to the new Base One managed environment. As the end users returned to their work environments, they found the new managed computers ready for use.


Key Clients benefiting From Our Desktop Support Expertise:


Base One is NO longer an 
8(a), or HubZone certified company. 

Base One is a Small Business
and a 
Women Owned Small Disadvantaged Business

  • Base One previously held certifications by the SBA. Please disregard any references to Base One being currently certified as an 8(a) or HubZone firm by the SBA.

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Base One Technologies


  • Provides all levels of desktop and laptop life cycle services and support.

  • Supports any size user base with 24/7 help desk services.

  • Develops strategies for and coordinates moves, adds, changes.

  • Conducts all phases of asset management and inventory control.

  • Plans, develops, and evaluates teaching and presentation materials for staff training.

  • Provides superior and centralized program management.

  • Manages all aspects and levels of information security.

  • Plans and executes new technology migration and rollouts.

  • Takes full responsibility for oversight of backup/recovery services.

  • Implement, test and maintain software/firmware revision and fixes.

  • Maintain and manage computer warranty, licensing, and maintenance agreement information.





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