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Instructional Design and Training


Instructional Design is the development of training programs by utilizing surveys, questionnaires, assessment and documentation to evaluate and support the implementation and usability of network applications and other systems oriented technologies. Without optimal training programs, new systems cannot be installed and implemented effectively. Base One fully supports new design and systems with training programs designed for maximum performance.


Base One Technologies has its own Instructional System Design teams and takes responsibility for the training and utilization of new systems implemented at the Federal Government level. We work specifically with, and are a value added resources to the Department of Defense and the Pentagon.


Key Clients Benefiting From Our Instructional Design Expertise:


Base One is NO longer an 
8(a), or HubZone certified company. 

Base One is a Small Business
and a 
Women Owned Small Disadvantaged Business

  • Base One previously held certifications by the SBA. Please disregard any references to Base One being currently certified as an 8(a) or HubZone firm by the SBA.

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Base One Technologies


  • Creates and leads a team of Instructional Systems Designers with network, telecommunications and other IT background to develop, revise and build training programs for major Department of Defense technology initiatives.

  • Manages multiple projects and staff. Builds infrastructure processes and re-engineer procedures. Develop and manage departmental budgets and schedules. Provide applications specification, product sales strategy and lead rollout efforts. Tracks and report budgets and schedules.

  • Develops Web-based learning programs for the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in association with Computer Science Corporation. Provides Instructional designed training to teach Immigration and Naturalization (INS) agents to use the Interagency Border Inspection system (IBIS).

  • Lead staff of program managers, instructional designers, educational technologists, programmers and other professionals in the creation of technology-aided, instructor-led classroom training solutions. Create knowledge objects, portal content, and training curricula. Lead proposal efforts. Build enterprise work processes infrastructure and personnel assessment program.

  • Researches, organizes and builds content for training products. Applies standard instructional design principles to training content. Analyzes content for inclusion in plans. Prepares documentation and training courseware. Develops adult learning programs using the ADDIE model and other ISD principles. Develops instructor guides, participant guides and job aids. Designs surveys, questionnaires, observation checklists.

  • Evaluates COTS and other training material sources. Designs and implements train the trainer activities, develops classroom teaching curriculum, organizes data, and performs GAP Analysis, assessment program.

Let us help you build expertly managed world-class technology solutions like have for:


Citicorp / Citigroup

Trader Network Expansion 
Funds Transfer Network Redesign
Data Center Consolidation
Global Backbone Integration

Federal Aviation Administration

FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI)


British Petroleum / Amoco
Global Network Integration

Merrill Lynch

Data Highway Expansion

Department of Defense

Command Communications Survivability Program (Pentagon CCSP)

AT&T Solutions

Citicorp Network Outsource
Merrill Lynch Network Outsource




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