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Information Technology


ISP -Mail Server Project - that scaled to 10 Million users via a hierarchical server scheme.


  • Design, implementation, testing and maintenance of a large scale development effort. This product was targeted to ISP’s and large companies handling many users. Architecture included the design, development and integration of middleware components that function as POP server, SMTP server, Database Server(Oracle) and Schema, DNS server, Mail configuration Rule sets.

  • An installation component was also designed because of the complexity of the architecture. The installation component automated the installation and integration of the many components that make up the system as well as the database schema's and database component.

  • Oracle Database Administration, Unix System Administration, C Programming- Install & Configure Oracle Databases, setup private mail domains & networks, install & configure DNS, Sendmail, perform all System Administration tasks for the Performance & Development divisions of the ISP Mail Server Project. Research & evaluate RFC’s dealing with sendmail, IMAP, POP & SMTP. Design & implement automated ISP Mail Server drivers to test IMAP, POP & SMTP Server functionality. Design & implement stress tests & performance tests & measure resource usage during key functions of inbound & outbound mail processing.


Data Transport Component- Reception System Project


  • Designed and implemented and integrated the transport level protocol used by Prodigy Browser client. Defined project scope, maintain project plans, determine resource requirements, supervise implementation, and structure post implementation support/management.

  • Designed and implemented infrastructure for e-commerce WEB sites, included server load balancing, firewall architecture, multi-homed BGP configuration, and disaster recovery.

  • Implemented several Voice-over-IP pilots

  • Designed and implemented domestic IP multicast architecture.

  • Implemented multi-services network using Cisco IGX switches.

  • Designed and implemented domestic Frame Relay network to 100+ remote offices. Implemented QoS and traffic prioritization using Custom Queuing, IP Precedence, and traffic shaping.

  • Designed and Implemented all network changes to the local networks.

  • Devised strategies for Guardian Ins. over all network architecture.


Base One is NO longer an 
8(a), or HubZone certified company. 

Base One is a Small Business
and a 
Women Owned Small Disadvantaged Business

  • Base One previously held certifications by the SBA. Please disregard any references to Base One being currently certified as an 8(a) or HubZone firm by the SBA.

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