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Our Clients

Banking, Finance and Insurance


  • Oversee the integration of two separate networks, as well as business office operations

  • Key participant in network architecture design for a network handling real time stock/bond trading world-wide. Provide interactive access to equity markets in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle East & Africa

  • Engineer/implement architecture for client inter-entity links

  • Develop overall technical solutions including network components, physical and logical topologies, routing policies and disaster recovery schemes

  • Design ISDN solution for client network and provide contingency planning and disaster recovery design strategies

  • Participate in the operational turn down of the client network to migrate traffic to the Chase Network in a controlled manner

  • Management of all IPX issues on Data Highway (the entire USA local and Domestic) with a staff of two.

  • Performed network designs and provided guidance to different groups on requirements to implement networks on DH

  • Designed and installed an application specific DS3 ATM network off SONET Ring.

  • Redesigned Merrill Lynch’s External network, to provide redundancy (dynamically) between buildings.

  • Engineered and implemented the first true VLAN project for Merrill Lynch using Cisco’s 5500s and 5000 hardware

  • Authored the IGRP to EIGRP plan for Data Highway which consist of over 1000 routers.

  • Designed and Implemented a new Market Data Backbone for Merrill Lynch including the engineering of the distribution of the information.

  • Evaluated Cisco's Voice Over IP, Voice Over Frame Relay and Voice Over ATM Technologies

  • Redesigned CITICORP North America OSPF/BGP router network using ATM as the primary transport media, with ISDN for backup.

  • Redesign various OSPF/BGP areas where sites within an area were closing and areas were merging.

  • Fine tune ABR routes within BGP Autonomous Systems to provide optimum routing.

  • Consolidate Tier 3 Feeder Routers in an effort to provide optimum routing and efficient bandwidth usage.

  • Redesigned the INTRA Area 0 transport medium using ATM and fine tune the routing configuration to provide logical resilience in case of Frame Relay link failures from the ABRs to the feeder sites.

  • Provide DEC LAT-to-IP and IP-to-LAT translations ,Replace access method to SNA from RSRB to DLSw+ and IP

  • Feasibility study/cost analysis/ resource management/capacity planning for IP over ATM/Frame Relay migration

  • Architect new network design topology and increase bandwidth via DS3’s

  • Designed, deployed network architecture and disaster recovery solutions that withstood 9/11/01 disaster without a single transaction failure despite carrier failure

  • Client Cards FDDI Migration Project - Architect, manage and implement the client backbone Network Migration from FDDI & token Ring to switched Fast Ethernet

    • Perform business analysis, feasibility study, budgetary estimate, project management, relocate and consolidate network data sites to new client facilities in support of network expansion. Plan implementation and roll-out Solutions

    • Site Survey, data collection, facilities management planning, data center environmental facilities planning and cable infrastructure to relocate and consolidate network data

    • Network management, 3rd level support in NOC

  • Client Mid-Range Data Center Relocation - consolidate, merge divergent networks, systems, data centers, decommission WAN bridged architecture

    • Design,implement,provision, procure new network solutions and fault tolerant architecture, architect contingency plan, site relocation cost analysis, Network Impact analysis, WAN bandwidth cost analysis, strategic business analysis, global project planning,enterprise router architecture

    • Consolidate and merge various technologies and equipment - routers,switches, Gigabit Ethernet,token ring,layer2 & 3 switching, IGRP, OSPF, BGP, (HRSP),DECnet Phase III & IV routing,DECnet, LAT bridging,SNA, DLSW+, SRB,SDLC Tunneling, Frame Relay, X.25, ISDN, ATM, VLAN, Point to Point Transport, SNMP, VAX, HP UNIX, EMS, VTAM


Base One is NO longer an 
8(a), or HubZone certified company. 

Base One is a Small Business
and a 
Women Owned Small Disadvantaged Business


Base One previously held certifications by the SBA. Please disregard any references to Base One being currently certified as an 8(a) or HubZone firm by the SBA.


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