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Base One Technologies


We do it right the first time


Dedicated to Promoting Excellence Throughout the Industry


Founded and managed by engineers since 1994, Base One is an IT company that is consistently ahead of the pack due to our knowledge and expertise of enterprise systems that are so vital to our customers throughout the world. We work on the critical systems necessary to keep our customers on the cutting edge of technologies and maintain connectivity. Our engineers and Senior Management are technically savvy about global projects that are strategically important to our customers while ensuring our customers or maintaining a competitive edge in an extremely volatile market place.


Base One Technologies is an IT Services provider that focuses on leading edge technologies. Our client list consists of fortune 500 companies in the telecommunications and financial industries that have a need for strategic enterprise systems. However, companies of all sizes have come to us for our expertise with mission critical environments. We are global in scope and many of our projects require a worldwide presence.


Mission Statement:
We are dedicated to the idea of providing the customer with the right set of technical skills needed for a particular project and ensuring that projects stay on track and are designed and implemented in a manner that focuses on scalability, stability and what is best for the customer.


We believe in doing it right the first time.


Base One assures the quality of its projects by having its service management team work closely with clients and vendors in all aspects of delivery. We can provide full-service project management and technical consultants for short-term and long-term assignments.


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