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Chief Executive Officer


Liza Zaneri

Tel: (914) 633-0200

Fax: (914) 633-5287


Liza R. Zaneri A Woman On The Leading Edge Of Technology.

Liza Zaneri began her career in technology in the early 1980's after traveling the world and exploring all life has to offer. While her career was still in its nascent stages, she served as lead engineer on several revolutionary projects in the fields of communications and technology. Liza played an instrumental role in developing the first first computerized global communications relay in Europe, linking and translating the major communications protocols into one stream for the first time. She also helped facilitate the roll out of the first distributed Enterprise system for Salomon Brothers. After several years of honing her technological ken, Mrs. Zaneri created her own company: Base One Technologies. This burgeoning corporation develops and serves the technological and telecommunications departments for numerous Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.


In her recreational time Liza enjoys exploring the world’s waterways and running in marathons. She recently completed the the Yonkers Marathon, placing first in her division. Clearly Liza Zaneri and Base One Technologies reside permanently on the Leading Edge.

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