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Network Architecture, 
Design & Deployment Services


A highly available network is essential in enabling your company to meet its service commitments and business goals. Just a few minutes of downtime can cost your business in both customer loyalty and revenue. Since its inception, Base One has specialized in ensuring that the right Network Architecture, Infrastructure and Service solutions are properly engineered and implemented for its clients, Fortune 100 companies and US Government agencies.

Base One engineers are experts in high availability design and operational management planning. They take advantage of this expertise, and their years of experience improving the performance and functionality of other enterprise and service provider networks worldwide, as they assist you with projects to improve the health of your network.


Key Clients Benefiting From Our Network Infrastructure Expertise:


Base One Technologies


  • Base One's engineers provide overall architecture expertise to plan cost-effective, secure, and stable networks. Our quality assurance process ensures that during the actual implementation, everything goes according to plan.

  • Base One's design methodology integrates tightly with its project management paradigm.

  • All implementations are pre-planned. Everything from circuits to configurations are specified before the installation and then carefully reviewed. Every aspect of an implementation is then tested before releasing it for general use.

  • Proven industry Best Engineering Practices and Methodologies, combined with extensive subject matter expertise and long-standing experience are combined to ensure the success of your Infrastructure projects.


Base One Network and Infrastructure Focus Areas


Authentication & Access Control
Backup Systems
Business Impact Studies
Content Addressable Storage
Data Migration
Directory Services Deployment
Disaster Recovery Planning
Enterprise Network Assessment
Network Architecture & Design 
Internet Edge Services
IT Operations Implementation
Justification and Assessment
Linux/UNIX Administration
Messaging and SPAM Control
Microsoft Systems Support
Network Attached Storage-NAS
Network Baseline Assessment


Optical Networking
OS and Network Hardening
Risk Analysis
Security Penetration Studies
Security Policies & Procedures
Server Consolidation
Server Load Balancing
Provider Network Assessment
Storage Area Networks (SAN)
Storage Consolidation
Technical Infrastructure
Telephony Services
Virtual Private Networking
WAN Optimization
Wireless Architecture
Wireless Management
Wireless Security


Base One is NO longer an 
8(a), or HubZone certified company. 

Base One is a Small Business
and a 
Women Owned Small Disadvantaged Business

  • Base One previously held certifications by the SBA. Please disregard any references to Base One being currently certified as an 8(a) or HubZone firm by the SBA.

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Let us help you build expertly managed world-class technology solutions like have for:


Citicorp / Citigroup

Trader Network Expansion 
Funds Transfer Network Redesign
Data Center Consolidation
Global Backbone Integration

Federal Aviation Administration

FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI)


British Petroleum / Amoco
Global Network Integration

Merrill Lynch

Data Highway Expansion

Department of Defense

Command Communications Survivability Program (Pentagon CCSP)

AT&T Solutions

Citicorp Network Outsource
Merrill Lynch Network Outsource




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